Turtle Neck

from by Bosnian Rainbows

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+Turtle Neck+

I don't know, Turtle neck
Where you've been all my life
But, I feel, Turtle neck
That you're leaving me aside

You look at me and let go of my veins
The fear inside that your fever has died

Crumbling and shattering is deep
You call your lovers name in your black sleep
It hurts like hell but I know this too well
You yearn for more, my turtle neck, for something new

Once they had a fallen laugh
Threw back all of her heart
Morning air was in the heat
Of all the cities calm

Wednesday games were on display
Throughout the lovers shrieks
Fevered thorns were on his wall
And then she wanted prey

She was a man in need
Wanting to be held
Wandering through the night
Until he left her; gone

He was a man in white
Trying to leave town
He would of wifed her down
Until he left storm
Left her in the dark
Left her in the storm
Left her in the dark...


from Bosnian Rainbows, released June 25, 2013



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Bosnian Rainbows El Paso, Texas

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